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Our Beliefs

Use the right ingredients and good skin health will follow. activa bodycare is faithful to your skin and believes in using only truly beneficial ingredients in our products that give holistic results. We share the truth, stick with it and practise it. Count on us to help you nourish and restore your body for lifelong beauty. 

Truth: Our commitment to you

All through the ages, ladies spend vast amounts of precious time and money on beauty and bodycare. But is all that investment really bearing fruit? 

We at activa don’t want to see you working hard with little results to show. We don’t want to see you subscribing to half-truths and not getting the all-round results you so deeply desire. 

We believe that you should know the truth about beauty and bodycare. Knowing the hard facts is important. It helps you make the right decisions for yourself. 

We want you to experience more than one-dimensional benefits and short-lived joy. Our products and treatments are designed for truly holistic results that have your long-term well-being in mind.

Sharing secrets with you

Like a close friend, we at activa want to do more than just sell products and treatment packages to you. We want to share what we know with you. Things that we feel every woman should know but doesn’t. This knowledge will help you start on a new path to total well-being. For instance, we want you to know that it’s important to read the labels of the skincare products you choose. Watch out for potentially harmful ingredients like mineral oils, isopropyl alcohol and lanolin. These are the stuff that will speed up your skin’s ageing process, amongst other things.



To be the world's trusted name in providing lasting skin health using wholesome products and latest research finds.



activa seeks to:

• empower customers with knowledge of holistic skincare

• develop innovative products for skin wellness that are effective and convenient to use

• enhance customers’ self-esteem by restoring their skin health