About the Brand

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Water Based & Wholesome Solution

As we share secrets about beauty and bodycare with you, we also want you to have a solution. activa products are safety free from potentially harmful ingredients. We are a firm believer of using the right stuff to ensure your skin stays healthy. 

We hide nothing from you. We are totally transparent about the ingredients we use. They are all-natural and specially picked to bring the best benefits for your skin. All our products are water-based. Why? Because we know mineral oil and alcohol-based products will do more harm than good for your skin.

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All The Best For Your Skin

activa’s salon-grade products run the gamut of bodycare products and treatments. From caring for your hair to erasing unsightly scars to bringing forth a slim and trim figure, activa makes it our quest to help you look good and feel great about yourself… always. 

Think of us as clear flowing water. You can see right through us. We hold nothing back in bringing long-lasting holistic results for your body. Because truth doesn’t fade.


 HAB12       Addressing Your Deepest Concerns

Besides basic skincare products, activa is well-known for our effective treatment products that address issues like scar healing, breast enhancement, cellulite reduction, tummy slimming and more. That’s why, activa products, such as the activa Condolisa scar gel and activa bust-enhancement cream, have garnered a large following of users. In bringing you these high-efficacy products, activa always challenge ourselves and the status quo to improve.


Backed By In-Depth Research 

activa uses research to open up new possibilities. Our products are the result of intensive studies and research conducted by professional dermatologists from the University of Pavia, Italy. Trust us, we’ll get down to the truth for you.